Facts and Stats

Location Nepal is a small, landlocked country, protected by the high mountains and nestled between the larger neighbor India and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of the Peoples Republic of China.

Area - 147,181 Sq. Kms.

Latitude - 26? 12 and 30? 27 North.

Longtitude - 80? 4 and 88? 12 East.

Capital - Kathmandu.

Topography - From the worlds deepest gorge Kali-Gandaki to the highest point on Earth, Mt. Everest at 8848m

World Heritage Sites There are 10 World Heritage Sites in Nepal, 7 of which are situated within 20km radius of the Kathmandu Valley.

Flora and Fauna - Nepal possesses some of the most outstanding bio-diversity in the world, ranging from sub-tropical rainforests to high Alpine deserts. There are 840 different species of wet-land, migratory and residential birds and 11 of the 15 butterfly families in the world are native here.

Endangered Species Nepal is home to the Royal Bengal tiger, one horned rhino, snow - leopard, red panda, brown bear, assamese macaque, gangetic dolphin, wolf, wild elephant , giant horn-bill, swamp deer, wild yak, Tibetan antelope, black buck, four horned antelope, musk deer, pigmy hog, haspid hare, pangolin, gharial, Indian bustard, saras crane, impean pheasant, python and many more....!

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