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Rebuilding Lives in Earthquake Stricken Nepal

A personal account of hope and support for a more sustainable future The ground beneath them rocked and in all but a few merciless seconds their world came crashing down...

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Chilling out in Chitwan

After our guide advised us to make as little movement as possible everyone was dead silent, as if our very words were enough to rock the boat and tip into...

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The Peak Trekking Season is Upon Us!

October marks the beginning of the peak trekking season in Nepal and it’s also an important month in the Hindu calendar, as two of the biggest festivals, Dashain and Tihar,...

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Tragedy in Annapurna - How to avoid future fatalities in the mountains

On Tuesday 15th October, a cyclone that had been making its way north from the Bay of Bengal in India hit the Himalayan region of Nepal with catastrophic consequences. The...

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