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Nepal is much loved by pilgrims, thrill seekers, yogis, romantics, tourists, and all people that have laid foot on these wondrous and ancient lands. It appeals to everybody for many different reasons, but the fact of the matter is that every person who comes here will benefit from the journey and find something that they can deeply connect with. Whether jumping from the second highest bungee jump in the world, participating in a meditation retreat, clambering up the tallest mountain on earth, unveiling mysterious and age old arts, ice climbing the largest glaciers in the world, paragliding over vast expansive valleys, white water rafting the frigid waters of Tama Koshi, discovering the many elephants and crocodiles lurking about in Chitwan national park, gazing upon the high altitude lake of Phoksundo, honey hunting upon the cliffs of Lamjung, a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the Buddha, volunteering to make a difference in less fortunate peoples lives, or just relaxing under the sun of the many mountain resorts expanding across the Himalayas, the journey here is as the horizon limitless.

For the last 20 years we have operated a small and personal business, sharing the very best of what our beautiful homeland has to offer for the intrepid traveler and the adventurous family. We support you in becoming fully immersed in our way of life, to rise to the challenge of ascending earths greatest heights and lose yourself in the rhythms and colors of our vibrant bazaars, temples and ancient traditions that have remained unchanged for centuries. You may even want to go trailing after the elusive Yeti whose myth and origin was born on foothills of Nepal with innumerable expeditions documented but very few sightings confirmed. (Yetis have great fear of cameras)!

Every day, in Kathmandu through to the countrys far outer reaches, there is some minor or major festival being celebrated with a level of intensity that may be baffling to a foreigner who is not expecting that Nepalese people know how to party, and let me confirm, YOU ARE INVITED! You will find it hard not to be moved by the breathtaking snow capped peaks of the Himalaya and the green and lush farmland overflowing with an abundance of warm smiles from the humble village folk, who will welcome you with arms wide open to share in their peaceful, slow paced way of life. Here we say, The Guest is God which is a very old saying in Nepal that we do indeed try our best to uphold honorably!

Our Company

Through The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd., we will provide for you the means of experiencing some of the most breathtaking places on the planet and you to return home with what will undoubtedly be some of the most amazing experiences of your life. We provide for you a wide array of programs and itineraries including climbing, trekking, jungle safaris,...

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Terms and Conditions This website is operated by The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd. In accessing the theasiaadventure.com, we hope you acknowledge the following terms and conditions and are willing to state that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by, all of the terms and conditions of The Asia Adventure Nepal Pvt.Ltd, without modification, and that...

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Why Choose Us

We can help you to reach the Top of the World, to meet our vibrant and colourful people and immerse yourself in the heart of Nepali culture....

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines what personally identifiable information ("PII") we may collect from you, what this information will be used for, with whom such information will be shared and the security procedures we have implemented to protect your privacy. (PII includes information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, phone number, or email address)....

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Banking Details

Payment and Booking Details You are required to make the 20% payment for Nepal trips and 100% payment for Tibet and Bhutan trips in advance. The remaining balance for Nepal trips are payable upon arrival in Nepal. Please make payment by Bank Transfer - bank details as follows: Name of the Account Holder ...

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