Why Choose Us

We can help you to reach the Top of the World, to meet our vibrant and colourful people and immerse yourself in the heart of Nepali culture.

Our Expertise

We were born here. The love of the mountains runs deep in our veins and we have a lifetime of experience traversing the well trodden and lesser known trails in the Himalaya region. Every member of our team has unique insight and expertise to share with those who choose to journey with us in this beautiful and captivating land....

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Keeping Costs Low

“We offer low cost, customized packages that cater to your individual needs” We are small company operating at both ends of the spectrum – offering luxury tours as well as low budget, ‘no frills’ packages. It is possible to pay 2-3 times more for a bigger agency, travelling on fixed dates with dozens of other tourists. But we...

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A Personal Choice

Ultimately, your choice of agency will have an indelible effect on your travel experience and will be a lasting part of your memory of your journey and it is important to reflect on the decision and consider your options. If you are seeking a personal experience, one that is tailored to your needs and limits, whether they be physical,...

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Family and Hospitality

Ultimately, our highest aspiration is to share with those who seek our guidance the utmost in hospitality, both within the localities that we explore together and in our family home. You will have the opportunity to eat and live with our family before and after the trek and we hope to create friendly ties that will give us the...

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Safety is our #1 Priority

High adventure trekking and travel has many potential risks and dangers, but when carried out correctly with the appropriate precautions it can be an extremely safe and rewarding experience. The health and safety of our guests is paramount. Every member of our team is carefully selected based on their impeccable records in high adventure trekking, their dedication to safety,...

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